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Tel: 646-232-3758

Professional Highlights:


  • 20+ Seasons as NFL Instant Replay Official – Assigned to Super Bowl XLVIII

  • Producer - on-air promos – 3 Olympic Games (’14 Sochi, ‘12 London, ’10 Vancouver)

  • Produced and delivered over 500 spots during 2013 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs on NBC

  • Gold Award Winner-2010 Promax Sports Media Marketing Awards “Radio Promo”

  • Interactive Live Producer – Blizzcon, the world’s preeminent eSports competition

  • Producer - 2009 NFL Super Bowl commercial “High Steppin”, viewed by over 100 million

Work experience:



Writer/Producer, Prime On-Air Promos

​2014 - 2020

  • Concept, write and produce on-air promos and digital content for primetime programming

    • Episodics, special events, marathons & concept-driven theme spots for Shark Tank, Jay Leno's Garage, The Profit, American Greed, Secret Lives of the Super Rich, Deal or No Deal, Empires of NY

    • Special projects including Brand Image, Sales Reels and New Business Pitches

  • Contributed to highest ever ratings and viewership

  • Direct & coordinate live-action shoots on-location and in studio with Talent

  • Oversee entire production/creative process, directing GFX Designers, VO Talent, Editors


MLB/NHL Network

Writer/Producer, On-Air Promotion (Freelance)

2016 - 2017

  • Concept, write and produce on-air promos for game broadcasts, campaigns and special programming

  • Produced on-air spots for 2017 MLB Postseason “Go Off” campaign; 2017-18 NHL Center Ice package

  • Wrote and produced 3:00 vignettes for US Hockey Hall of Fame Inductions

  • Wrote and produced video pieces on Rod Carew, Tony Gwynn, and Ted Williams for 2016 All-Star Game



Promos Producer (Freelance)

​2010 - 2014

  • Conceptualize, write and produce on-air promos (TV & Radio) for marquee programming and events 

  • 2014 Sochi Olympics, 2012 London Olympics (Emmy Award Winner; the most watched event in U.S. TV history), 2010 Vancouver Olympics (Promax Awards GOLD winner - Opening Ceremony radio spot)

  • 2013 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs (received highest ratings ever for NBCSN

  • Sunday Night Football, Notre Dame Football, Super Bowl XLVI, NHL Game of the Week, Red Bull, 2012 Olympic Trial

  • Produced all topical spots for London Olympics airing on MSNBC, CNBC, and NBCSN

  • Direct Editors, Graphic Designers, VO Talent, Audio Engineer, and production staff.

Founder, Executive Producer

• Commentary from Writers, Storytellers, Producers, and Content Creators on TV, Film, Sports, Adult Beverages and everything in between.


Instant Replay Official 

​2001 - present (NFL)

  • 15 Post Season Assignments – including Super Bowl 48, 2020 & 2012 NFC Championship Game

  • Collaborate with Referee and VP of Officiating on ruling of controversial plays on field during games

2012 - 2014 (BIG10)

2014- present (American Athletic Conference)



2009 - present

Clients include Blizzard Entertainment, Horn Interactive, MLB Network, CBS Sports Network, NBC Sports

  • Write and produce on-air promos for live event coverage and original programming

  • Originated “Dance or Go Home” campaign for CBSSN’s 2013 NCAA Tournament Week

  • Manage trafficking of spots to partners and affiliates.

  • Direct graphic designers and editors; involved in creative production process from start to finish



Interactive Live Producer 

2010 - 2012

  • Produce and direct live digital and TV broadcasts, most notably Blizzcon, the world’s preeminent eSports competition, from Blizzard Entertainment, airing on DIRECTV and streamed online, viewed by over 600,000 uniques

  • Direct 20 person crew consisting of cameras, 3 on-air talent hosts, multiple stages, TD, audio, lighting, engineering, tape ops and GFX.

  • Manage social media strategy and integration to live broadcast, using Twitter, Facebook, etc.



Producer/Project Manager

2008 - 2009

  • Produced TV/Radio/Web content for commercials,, Play60 youth marketing program, print ads, live events, sponsorship/sales videos

  • Developed advertising, marketing and theme strategies (Believe In Now, Who Wants It More)

  • Managed promotions and advertising for Fortune 500 partners

  • Collaborated with production companies (NFL FILMS, PYTKA), ad agencies (BBDO, DCODE/Curious Pictures), players, team and network executives

  • Wrote scripts and field produced for videos and promos as needed

    • Production Highlights:

      • Super Ad III – Season-long NFL brand campaign w/ players - Producer on final commercial – directed by PYTKA, aired during Super Bowl XLIII, ranked as 9th “most liked” Super Bowl commercial by Nielsen

      • Fantasy Files - Associate Producer of successful viral campaign showcasing players’ extraordinary talents, over 1 million views on YouTube.

      • Producer-Ticket sales TV/Radio spots for all 32 teams

      • Producer-video content for youth website, and NFLPlay60


NFL Blue Chip Program - Business Ventures Concentration

2006 - 2009

Established as a way to cultivate top young talent and expose members to various disciplines. Rotations were in the following departments: Events, Marketing Strategy & Fan Development, Advertising & Media, and Entertainment Marketing & Promotions.

  • Coordinating Producer for live events - collaborated with 3rd Party Producers, including Live Nation, GMR, and NFL FILMS.

  • Directed creative team on design and content of and NFLRZ

  • Managed strategy and execution of “Pitch Us Your Best Idea for the Best NFL Super Bowl Commercial Ever. Seriously” campaign. Responsible for live events, creation of all video content, and writing copy for promotional assets.

  • Secured media partnerships and determined methods to grow league properties.

  • Reviewed films, TV shows, and scripts to determine NFL’s potential involvement.

  • Evaluated proposals to host 2012 Super Bowl. Created comparative analysis of bids


Officiating Department Coordinator, Video Operations 

1998 - 2006

  • Created and Produced “Official Review” - weekly segment on NFL Network w/ VP of Officiating

  • Oversaw media center upgrade to HD, purchasing and installing equipment

  • Managed operation of AVID digital editing system and all A/V equipment.

  • Oversaw evaluation of on-field officials.

  • Liaison with vendors and over 100 members of print/broadcast media.

  • Responsible for $250,000 annual budget and training of staff.



Producer, On-Air Talent

1999 - 2000

  • Booked national guests, created ROS for studio, remote episodes of STT SportsTalk on 1050 AM (ESPN Radio)



University of Florida, B.S. Journalism & Communications

​1993 - 1997



Brian has worked with some of the best...



CNBC (Prime)

NBC Sports

MLB Network

NFL Network

NHL Network

CBS Sports Network


Westwood One





Horn Interactive




Blue Room Productions

Curious Pictures DCODE-NY


Sonic Union

Studio City Productions

Live Nation

Blizzard Entertainment




General Motors

EA Sports

National Football League

National Hockey League

Arena Football League



Kevin O'Leary

Daymond John

Keith Urban

Nick Mangold

Jonathan Vilma

Michael Strahan

Osi Umenyiora

Deion Sanders

Herm Edwards

Marques Colston

Steven Jackson

Adam Vinatieri



Joe Pytka

2010 - present

2010 - present

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